Monday, 3 October 2016

After the man is hanged ...

Morlock is coming.  Death will follow.

DCI Jericho may have evaded the Hanged Man, but he knew there was something missing.  He knew there was still someone out there  He knew there would be more death...

A man is murdered on the Somerset Levels, a bullet in the head from three feet.  Jericho soon learns there was a connected killing the previous day in the Swiss Alps.

Death comes in the post, quickly strands from the past become entangled: the hunted mountaineers, a long lost secret, the mystery of Jericho's wife and the covert organisation, working in the shadows, always in control.

Joined by DI Badstuber of the Swiss police, Jericho travels across Europe to North Africa, chasing an invisible killer.  But Death is always one step ahead, while his past, sinister and terrifying, is closing in.

I was not really sure what to expect from this book as I found the previous book rather difficult to get into as I am not really in to satire in any way shape or form.  As it turned out this one was easier to get into not least that we knew the characters and it was a straight police procedural that continues on from the first.

The unseen hand that guided the events in the first book is back manipulating the characters once again and leads them on a manhunt across Europe.

This author writes real characters and this novel only builds on this all the while having a dark humour running through the entire novel.  I love the interaction between Jericho and Hayes.  I also enjoyed the Hayes’s romance which in no way detracted from the novel itself.

The plot was reasonably well plotted and the author’s research was good; the descriptions of the other countries were consistent with those of other novels this reader has read.

Unfortunately, there were a few unresolved issues from the first novel, together with unresolved questions from this novel, which I hope will be dealt with in the next novel in the series, of which  am sure there will be one.  One thing that did stick in this reader’s craw was what Jericho did with his inheritance – I mean would a real person really do that?

If you love police procedurals, especially British police procedurals, with a bit of bite and a lot of 
creep.  Or if you love the works of Douglas Lindsay then this novel is definitely one for you.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange of an honest review.

I reviewd this as 'It was OK' on Goodreads and Amazon.