Monday, 13 July 2015

Who can you trust with the

Everyone has a breaking point.  Carl Logan might just have found his.

The Joint Intelligence Agency (JIA) sends agent Carl Logan on a routine mission to Russia.  It should have been simple.  But when Logan's cover is blown, he's transported into a world of hell he thought he would never see again.

Something is different this time, though, and before long doubts begin to surface in Logan's mnd as to why the assignment went so wrong.

Logan has never been short of enemies.  And sometimes the enemy is closer to home than you think.

Could his own people really have set him up?

I think when an author’s first book is successful there is a fantastic amount of pressure on that author to produce another novel of the same calibre or even better.  I can honestly say that this book is just as good if not slightly better than the previous novel.  Some may not think this is so as the style this book is written in is drastically different from the first novel.  But the provocative prose and vivid descriptions from the first book is still in evidence here.  I personally loved the way this book was written and will definitely be reading the next one in this trilogy and any future books this author writes.

This novel starts part way through the story and moved forward from there.  In flashbacks we are told of the preceding storyline.  The two stories eventually mesh and when they do oh my, the pace of the remaining story becomes break neck and totally absorbing.

Again there is a mix of mystery and thrilling action.  There are some truly awesome and unexpected plot twists and at least one Oh My Gosh moments.  The characters that were already well constructed have been given more depth.  Carl is still appealing and this novel reveals his sensitive side.  And the side that he employs to deal with unrelenting physical and mental torture.

Carl has lived a life of turmoil of his life and this novel shows us how constantly living on the edge has taken its toll on him; he is adrift in an ocean of humanity, had no real friends and is all alone.  The novel eventually reveals why his life is like this and brilliantly hooks you into next novel in the series, one which I am sure will just as explosive as this one.

Although you do not need to read the first of the series before reading this novel it would really help especially as a character in that is mentioned throughout this book and will re-appear in the final novel.  I can’t believe we are being made to wait months for the next instalment.

Rob Sinclair has become a new favourite of mine.  If you like well written espionage novels you need to read this author.  He writes a thinking person’s suspenseful thriller where the reader becomes really invested, getting caught up in the action, and needing to know the outcome.  Miss this one at your peril.

Full Disclosure: I received a free copy from Netgalley for an honest review.

I rated this 4 stars on Netgaalley and 'I really liked it' on Goodreads (4 stars) and Amazon (4 stars).

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