Sunday, 13 September 2015

Honestly, would one night be enough?

The Billionaire Boys Club is a secret society of six incredibly wealthy men who have vowed success in business - at any cost.  But success when it comes to love is a different matter.

Kylie may be a make-up artist to the stars, but she knows that it feels like to be overshadowed. Especially by her famous boss, the pop singer Daphne. That's why she's stunned - and delighted - when one night at a party, she attracts the attention of a gorgeous stranger.  But when Daphne decided she wants the handsome billionaire herself, Cade Archer is suddenly off-limits for Kylie ...

Cade has known Daphne for years, and always wondered if she might be the right woman for him - even though she never gave him the time of day.  But one sizzling night with Kylie has changed everything.  So why is she suddenly avoiding him?  Fortunately Cade is determined to get what he wants, and hell do anything to show Kylie she can get everything she wants to.

This is my first experience of reading this author and although this is book six in a series it can be read as a stand-alone novel (which is what this reader did).

It is nice to see that instead of a slim, powerful, wealthy, beautiful woman the subject of the male’s affection (in this case his name is Cade Archer) is none of these but a rather buxom, curvaceous, insecure female is the subject of this alpha male’s desires.  But do we constantly need to hear her commenting on the fact that she is overweight.  Honestly if she is that worried about it she should do something about it!  Honestly this sort of repetition is just padding and shows lack of creative writing.

Another fine detail is that although she is overshadowed in part by a female celebrity this does not detract the male from his infatuation.

In contrast to the wealthy male (he always has to be, for some reason), Kylie has much more to lose in this relationship.  Her previous relationship ended extremely badly for her and because she is cautious with regards to Cade’s advances and his previous history with the secondary female figure; he seems more determined to pursue her.  I could identify with her fears in engaging in this relationship but still found it hard to identify with the people in this novel.

As is inevitable in such novels there is insta-attraction, sizzling sex and the inevitable Happy Ever After ending!

It was lovely to see a novel that dealt with personality over looks but this reader felt that overall this novel was rather lacklustre.  Perhaps this is because I had not read any of the previous novels and had nothing invested in these characters.  So although this novel can be read as a stand-alone book I would suggest that you start and the beginning and work your way through the series to this one.  Then I am sure your experience of this book would be more rewarding than mine.

Full Disclosure: I received a free copy from Netgalley for an honest review.

I rated this 3 stars on Netgalley and 'It was OK' on Goodreads (2 stars) and Amazon (3 stars).

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