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Would you rather have to love a prince or woud you rather have

To keep the balance between god and evil at the court of Annwyn. Prince Felan ap Gwyn has two weeks to marry and take the crown.  But he wants more than just power - he wants love; a love he once had but was too stubborn to hold on to.

It took years for Jaqueline Ara to put her Life back together Felan abandoned her.  She's moved on, even is her heart still burns for him.  But with ear in Annwyn looming and death bleeding into the mortal world, Felan and Jacquie will need to heal old wounds and rekindle the passion that once welled between them ... or face losing everything. 

Starting this novel I did not realise that this was book 3 of a series and so I had no knowledge of that had gone on before.  I feel that I was not really missing much and from reading the blurb about the previous books it looks as though the main character of this novel only featured slightly previously.  As I have not read the previous novels I can only base my review on this book as a stand-alone.

This novel was character based; so much so that this reader would have loved to have had more time and attention paid to the details of the Court of Annwyn.  I would also have loved to learn more about how the castle was built and how their actions there were affecting the weather (perhaps these things were covered in the previous novels in the series).

As in a character based novel they are well developed with their pasts and futures colliding.  Felan a playboy at Fairy court has to take to the throne and many feel that he does not have what it takes.  He is strongly opposed and need to find a wife and produce an heir to ascend the throne and therein lays the rub!

Felan’s previous love (Jackie) has had to face many things in her sort life and regaining her ‘normal’ mental health is just one in a long line of things she has had to perform.  Suddenly her worst nightmares resurface and she had to make a choice.  Fae or normality?  What would you choose?  All the while the clock is ticking for Felan; and the weather in Fae is worsening.

I did find it rather difficult to accept how easily Jackie re-accepted Felan into her life after she struggled so hard to regain her sanity; and her own path.

The flow of the book was equally not very organic.  It was fairly stop start and I am not sure if this is used as a device to reflect the two different worlds.  Likewise the build up to the final battle between Felan and his major obstacle fell flat!  The build-up was such that one expected a great all-out war but this never materialised.  Indeed, the ending felt a bit rushed and a more detailed epilogue would have been nice

Perhaps the fact that I did not read the previous novels first affected my enjoyment of this novel.  It was always at the back of my mind that I was missing something that I could not quite put my finger on!

My final thoughts therefore are that although these books can be read as singular novels it is obviously one’s enjoyment would be greatly enhanced if they were read in order.  I may well go back and read the earlier novels.

Full Disclosure: I received a free copy from Netgalley for an honest review.

I rated this 3 stars on Netgalley and 'I liked it' on Amazon (4 stars) and Goodreads (3 stars).

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