Thursday, 13 July 2017

More of a dull disaster

How far would you go to achieve happiness?  What if it meant letting go of everything you'd once believed in?

Piper Allen is looking to spread her wings and unfortunately, her podunk hometown in Missouri is stunting her spiritual growth.  Moving to Dallas to finis up college with her two friends, Stephanie and Nicole, she hopes to challenge herself to reach new heights.  Her bohemian ways allow her to float through relationships frequently and with ease; when there are no strings attached, there is no chance of being hurt.

Texas rancher, Moye McKenzie, is a no nonsense, good ol' boy, who doesn't play games where matters of the heart are concerned.  When this straight-shooter walks into Piper's life, sparks fly and tempers flare.  Wanting to give her the life she deserves, Moye has to show her that getting hurt can happen whether you're holding onto the reins or not.

If she could just let go, Piper might be surprised to find she's someone's dream girl.

Although this is not my favourite genre of novel I am quite partial to a good romance especially if it has an original well-written story and lovable characters.

Unfortunately this novel is not at all original and uses cliché after cliché.  In fact one could be reading any number of other books it was that formulaic.  That said it made for a quick read and I did finish this novel.  There was a sort of insta-love although the main character had cried off love and as regards the intrigue part of the novel I guessed that straight away; and there was the inevitable happy ending

The characters were reasonably well written but the angst of girls going off to college was something that grated on this reader’s nerves.  None of the three girls really had anything going for them and, unfortunately, this reader did not relate to or like any of them.

The pace of the novel was OK but there were some elements that did not jell well.  I did not feel any real connection to the novel or any of the characters but I did not hate it.  It was a short novel of young adult love and I must say I was glad when it was all over.  But don’t let my experience of this novel spoil yours if this is what you like to read.

Thanks go to Netgalley for providing me with the opportunity to provide an honest review in exchange for a copy of the novel.

I rated this one star on Goodreads, 2 stars on Amazon and Netgalley.

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