Friday, 3 April 2015

He wears a surprisingly resilient suit

Luke Stark, a Special Forces veteran, returns home from his second tour in Afghanistan to learn that his wife has been mysteriously murdered and his son has disappeared.  These tragedies, in addition to suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, push him over the edge.  He has also been diagnosed with an incipient form of cancer, but he foregoes treatment, a decision that is akin to a slow suicide. Although he languishes in a shelter, he wears an impeccable suit, an eccentric characteristic that sets him apart from his fellow down-and-outers and just about everybody else.  Hi is nicknamed, somewhat ironically, The Suited Hero.  Revenge and the search for his son spark a kind of rebirth in him that is as cathartic as it is brutal.  This leads him into a dangerous world of illegal prescription drug distribution, where nobody in this gripping mystery crime thriller - not even some family members - is who they appear to be.

The title of this novel is a bit of a misnomer as surely all life is terminal.  However, in this instance the protagonist has recently been diagnosed with cancer and is going without treatment whilst he searches for his wife’s killer.

This hero has PTSD and has been living in a shelter so he is really more an anti-hero than the typical hero hero.

There are many twists and turns, and lots of suspense.  If continuous fight sequences are your thing then this is the book for you.  Oh and there is the ubiquitous love interest and ensuing sexual encounters.

This novel is a slightly unrealistic fast moving fun novel that is wrapped up tightly before the HEA ending.  An enjoyable light read best suited for the ‘plane of the beach.

Full Disclosure:  ARC received from Netgalley for an honest review.

I rated this as 2 stars on Netgalley and 'It was OK' on Goodreads (2 stars) and Amazon (3 stars).

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